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Travel Conditions

Our service short journey times to and from airports.

Air travel usually start at Schiphol. Use of public transport as it brings its drawbacks. For example, transfer, carry heavy luggage, no direct connection, crowded trains, etc. traveling with your own car gives you a high parking costs, leave your car unattended with the risk of damage and / or theft. With our service you can avoid all of this.

You are picked up at home and brought directly to the check by our driver. You do not have to look far or walk. Even on arrival you will be picked up in front of the arrivals door.

What to do when returning to the airport?

  1. You should be ready to sign at Schiphol Taxi service by calling 070 31 91 731. You log in with your name, destination and number of people.
  2. You collect your luggage. Only when you have luggage, call the driver. The number you get from our taxi station.
  3. Then you go to the Meeting Point. The place can be recognized by the famous red and white blocks in the arrivals hall.

The driver picks you up at the Meeting Point. If it is busy, then the dispatcher or the driver may ask you to come to the waiting taxi. The driver or dispatcher will then show you where to come to.

If your luggage is not at baggage claim? Make that immediately alert at Schiphol Taxi Service. Additionally, you must make a declaration of loss. The central know that it may take a while before you can register at the driver. If it is not reported to us, the driver departs after 30 minutes of the first call.

If the driver on the outward journey is not to you on time, please contact us at 070 31 91 731. Do not wait too long, another loses valuable time. You must indeed be on time at the airport. If the driver by circumstances somewhat later he or she will always call.