About us

About us

We are open seven days a week, 24 hours a day to bring you safely and comfortably as possible to your destination. The strength of us is our service. Our drivers put out all the stops to give you a pleasant journey and this too at an affordable price. Our drivers are qualified and would like to provide a good service.

For companies we offer the possibility of monthly invoices driven rides. It allows you to carry your business relations from A to B.

Private & Business transport

We are also available for private transportation seven days a week. We only want to ask you to make your wishes known bier before the start of the ride. Think of extra luggage, a second address, etc. We ensure that the cab as soon as possible ready for your business.

For business travel you’ve come to the right place. We bring you and your business partners to work, meeting, conference and for special occasions. For such a ride, we provide a representative driver with extensive experience.

If you want the taxi can not be recognized as such? Then we can on request to remove the taxi sign. Do you have any questions, please contact us. Or do you want to receive an offer directly? Please fill out our quote request form in.

Price Fixing

Schiphol Taxi service you can go for price fixing. This goes for rides in the Haaglanden region and the longer distances. You speak a fixed price with our driver before the ride. You will thus not be unpleasantly surprises. Please note:We make no price for rides in Den Haag.

Our taxis

The taxis are equipped with leather upholstery, air conditioning and tinted heat-insulating glass. The seats can be adjusted to make the ride as comfortable as possible for everyone. Our taxis are not older than 5 years. By an excellent insurance will ensure that you always travel safe and damage Schiphol Taxi Service.