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Below you will find the frequently asked questions. Did you not find the answer to your question? We like to help you!

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Flight arrival

We keep track of your flight number and thereby know if you are delayed and try if your flight is earlier or later comes in to still be there for you.

not make us your return flight to Schiphol when or how late you from your stay we leave just want to know the date and time at the airport.


If your luggage is not at baggage claim, create it immediately report to our central number 070-201 49 59 go only then make a declaration of loss. The driver then knows that it can take a while before you report to him. If you do not timely report to us and we do not know where you are, the driver departs after 30 minutes from the time that the baggage has been reported as completed. Guards then has no sense, because are according to our records you do not arrive with the flight. Therefore, check your confirmation on the accuracy of the data.


Payment cash only to the driver or through credit cards such as Amex, Visa and Mastercard. Payment always takes place on the return journey. The fare is always after the fastener and includes low VAT rate. I want to pay in advance, is this possible? Yes, this is possible.

Payment on account

For companies it is possible to drive on account, report or prior to the trip (s), for driving on account we are compelled to calculate costs.

Child seats

According to the Taxi Act there are no child seats compulsory in taxis. In the backseat of a taxi children need to use a child seat. Children from 3 years and adults have to use seat belts, if available. Children under 3 years old are in a taxi loose in the backseat. If there are no seat belts in taxis are present, all passengers, both adults and children loose in the backseat.

Up front a taxi children must exceed 1.35 meters and adults using the seat belt and children less than 1.35 meters with an approved child seat. If there are no seat belts in taxis are present, children are less than 1.35 m not sit up front, while children taller than 1.35 meters and adults in such cases separate front may sit.


In all of our cars there is a navigation system.

pick up

We need the road for even more people, can I? Yes, that is possible, but then you have to go through a quote – all postal codes by giving us a correct price calculation.

When your calculation how much time you need to get to Schiphol Airport can eg Google maps, you will be keeping in mind the crowds during rush hour. When picking allow approximately 15 minutes to set up in advance, it is possible that the driver is something previously available, sometimes a little later by the heavy traffic. Where is the meeting point at Amsterdam Schiphol Airport? If you or your guests and relations arriving at Amsterdam Schiphol Airport, it often happens that they are struggling to get to the meeting point. It is also difficult to find your way on such a large and busy airport. The best way to quickly meet your driver is after the last customs checkpoint (you still have something to give?) To walk directly to the meeting point (to train) in the central hall (Schiphol Plaza). There is only one meeting point at the airport, so this is the perfect place to meet our drivers.