About Us – Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

  1. ONLINE reservation at least 24 hours before departure, by telephone acceptance based on availability;
  2. Upon return trip or one way from Schiphol we prefer to your mobile number;
  3. Payment always takes place on the outward and return journey;
  4. For additional addresses of the main address is charged € 10, – per trip for each additional address.
  5. When the collection time on the outward journey, you need to take into account a margin of 20 minutes before or after the desired reservation time;
  6. Child seats and booster seats are in Dutch taxis NOT mandatory.
  7. Schiphol Taxi Service conducts tours in principle not combined from. In case of emergency it can happen occasionally that you share a car with others. We discuss it always with you;
  8. In connection with the give space available in the car, therefore, special baggage such as buggies, golf bags, diving equipment, surfboards, etc. at any time by when making your reservation;
  9. We can not be held liable for loss and / or damage your luggage. We will of course do everything to prevent this.
  10. On arrival should be taken into account at Schiphol Airport with an average waiting time of 30 minutes after baggage handling. We ask you to turn your mobile phone;
  11. Cancellations can all within 24 hours before ritopdracht.Bij canceled within 24 prior to departure, bookings are subject to the full travel sum, unless the cancellation is due to transfer and / or force majeure;
  12. By not giving timely special circumstances as change of arrival flight number and / or date or other details that change your arrival information, the right to ride on;
  13. In case the passenger does not appear at the airport and not by telephone, waiting our driver handled at the meeting point to flight (flight disappears from the screen). After that he / she makes a final round at the meeting point. After that lapse on the ride, and we will calculate the full travel sum.
  14. Rates subject to change and / or typographical errors.
  15. On all our vehicles are the terms and conditions of payment by Royal Dutch Transport as filed on 31/2003 apply.


Schiphol Taxi Service can be held liable for any delays, eg through traffic jams, breakdown, weather conditions, etc. that may result in missing your flight. You should also take enough time to arrive at the airport, so you still another way in time for your flight you are present by any delay.

Schiphol Taxi Service reserves at all times the right not to have to perform a drive task at the last minute due to force majeure, such as extreme traffic congestion, weather conditions, attacks etc. You can assume that we will do everything to prevent this .


Cancellations can all taxi ride to start within 24 hours.


In case of delays, you can count on us to monitor this closely. Upon arrival at Schiphol please after landing, as soon as possible to turn on your cell phone so that the appropriate driver can contact you. If you return with a different flight, you have to give it timely to us.


We are going out of a waiting time of 45 minutes after landing of the aircraft. This is included in the price, outside is 7.50 euros per quarter will be charged.


We accept credit card such as American Express, Visa, Mastercard but you can also pay cash.


Schiphol Taxi Service adheres subject to all legal provisions to protect your personal data. Never Schiphol Taxi service will pass your personal information to third parties and thus ensure an adequate protection.Finally, all the employees of Schiphol Taxi service to Schiphol Airport wish you a good trip.